Our Services

Chances are, you're spending much more on utility bills than you need to be.  ATS Energy Audits gives you the opportunity to fix that.

Comprehensive Whole House Energy Audit

One of our HERS certified raters will visit your home, small business or workplace and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to perform diagnostic testing. These tests can reveal how well your home performs and assist in discovering the source of problems such as hot or cold rooms, unsafe levels of carbon monoxide produced by mechanical equipment, and air leakage in your building's walls, doors, windows and duct system.  We write a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for a work scope that can help solve problems while substantially lowering your utility bills. Typical energy audits will take about three hours for a single family home: times will vary, depending on the size and complexity of your building.

  • We use a Blower Door to determine if your home has "air leaks" and where they are.
  • We use an Infrared Camera to find unseen gaps in insulation, unseen moisture issues, and "air leaks".
  • We use a Duct Blaster to find leaking ducts, air infiltration and faulty seals.
  • We craft a comprehensive written report. 
  • We offer targeted recommendations to lower your energy bill and improve your comfort.
  • We gladly send copies to qualified home contractors, so you get competitive bids for any recommended improvements.

Who can use an ATS Energy Audit?

  • Homeowners. Energy Audits aren’t just for the green-minded; everyone should enjoy lower utility bills and a more comfortable home.
  • Home Sellers. A thorough residential Energy Audit can help you differentiate your home from less efficient ones on the market. Use rebates and tax incentives to fund your energy improvements.
  • Home Buyers. Kick the tires, first. Naturally, you want to know how well your future home will perform—and how much it will cost to run. We can tell you, and our partners can tell you how much improvements will cost.
  • Property Managers. Most multi-family units can be made much more efficient, saving property owners real energy and money. Beginning June 1, 2011, Energy Audits will be required for Austin multi-family units. We’ve completed audits on properties ranging from five to several hundred units. We can help.

Home Performance Contracting.

At ATS Energy Audits, we don’t profit from the problems we uncover in your home. But we help you solve them. We recommend and happily send your audit report for a bid to highly qualified energy contractors. We know them. We watch them work. We share common values of respect for the earth, our clients and their homes. Our trusted partners:

  • Seal air penetrations.
  • Handle insulation upgrades.
  • Seal or replace existing ducts.
  • Install radiant barriers.
  • Repair or replace windows and doors.
  • Install mechanical ventilation + A/C.
  • Manage heat and hot water upgrades.
  • Perform additional home improvements as may be requested.

ATS Energy Audits proudly serves Austin and San Antonio.