Managing Property

Whether you are paying the utilities or not, you can benefit greatly by improving the efficiency of your investment properties.

Are you, the landlord, paying the utilities?  If so, the reduced cost that can be achieved through energy efficiency improvements will flow straight to the bottom line and right into your pocket.  Plus, lower expenses and higher profits also increase the value of your property, so you get paid twice!  You must know, however, the right improvements to make that are cost effective.  Never spend $1,000 to save $100.  A comprehensive energy audit from ATS Energy Audits can guide you to the improvements that make financial sense and away from those that are not cost effective.

You might be thinking "I don't pay the utilities, so there is no benefit to me to make improvements."  Well, think about this: Can you raise the rents when you can show your prospective, or current tenants how much less they might pay for utilities in your property versus another?  If so, then you should definitely have a comprehensive energy audit done to identify only the very most cost effective improvements. Other considerations might be the longevity and durability associated with some of these improvements, which can reduce maintenance costs and prolong the lifespan of equipment and buildings.

Whether you manage or own a single family residence or a multi family apartment community consisting of several hundred units, we have the experience, equipment, and team to provide you with the professional analysis you want as well as recommendations for improvements you may need.