Greening Your Home

Looking for lower utility bills?

An ATS Energy Audits home energy professional is trained to identify the areas of your home where energy is being wasted.  All our auditors are RESNET certified and analyze all energy aspects of your home with state of the art diagnostic equipment. The results are used to create a report which will prioritize cost-effective improvement recommendations to lower your utility bills, some of which you can do yourself.  If some of the recommendations are above your "do it yourself" capabilities,  we can assist you in obtaining competitive bids from qualified contractors. We do this buy emailing the energy audit report to professional and qualified home performance contractors known for their integrity and quality of work. They will use the findings detailed on the report to submit a bid directly to you. These contractors can also walk you through the tax incentives and various rebates that might be available to you.  It is important for you to know that we are not affiliated with or compensated by any of these contractors. We are strictly an independent testing company.  We do the analysis and generate the reports and recommendations, it is up to you to decide who you want to have do the work.  We are more than happy to send our report to any other contractor you so choose.

How about just a more comfortable home?

When you implement home improvements recommended by an ATS RESNET certified professional, you will literally feel the difference. Balancing out hot or cold rooms, air sealing your home's building shell, sealing leaky ducts, adding insulation, or replacing your old furnace and air conditioner will make your home a more pleasant place to be.