Buying A Home

How Much Will Your Monthly House Payment Really Be?

When you buy a car, you want to know how much the car costs and if it is in good working condition, but you also want to know how much it costs to operate it...what kind of gas mileage does it get?  Buying a home is no different.  First, there is the cost of buying the home: the down payment , the monthly principal & interest, the property taxes, the insurance, etc.  But don't forget about the operating know, the "gas mileage" that the home will get.  One of the largest expenses of owning a home is the utility costs to operate the home. Having a whole house comprehensive energy audit performed by ATS Energy Audits  before you complete the purchase, can help you learn what kind of "gas mileage" your new home will get.  

You will no doubt have a home inspection done to avoid any unpleasant surprises after you move in.  You should also have an energy audit performed to identify problems which could result in overly expensive utility bills, or discomfort resulting from certain rooms that are too hot or too cold.  Do you know how much conditioned air may be escaping from the ducts into the attic before it reaches the rooms you'll be living in?  Do you know exactly how much outside air may be infiltrating the home and where those entry points are?  Did you know newer homes may also have similar problems?  A whole house ATS Energy Audit can identify these and other possible deficiencies.  We can provide you with recommendations on the most cost effective improvements (some of which you may be able to do yourself).  We can also assist you in getting competitive bids for any necessary improvements before you make that important decision to buy.  And feel free to use this vital information while you negotiate the final sales price.