Blower Door

Does your home allow expensive conditioned air to escape and unconditioned outside air to come in?  It's easy to determine if your house has water leaks when it rains, but how can you determine if your house has "air leaks"?  

Our professional energy auditors use a highly useful and reliable diagnostic tool called a Blower Door to quantify how much unconditioned air "leaks" into your house, how much conditioned air "leaks" out, and where those "leaks" are.  It consists of a calibrated variable-speed fan that is mounted in an adjustable frame and temporarily put in an exterior doorway.  The fan is turned on and flow is increased until your home is pressurized to the specified test pressure (typically 50 Pascals).  An ATS auditor then measures your home's "air leakage" using an airflow and pressure gauge.  These results are then used by the auditor to make recommendations for improvements.