About Us

ATS Energy Audits has worked with more than 1,000 builders, performing inspections during all stages of construction. We perform energy tests to certify several hundred Energy Star homes every year, and we understand all the components that have gone into the building of your home, and how they interact with each other to function as one system. Along with this extensive knowledge and experience, we utilize the most advanced technology to test for, and identify inefficiencies when we perform a comprehensive whole house energy audit of your home.

Other firms may do the same, however, unlike most, we don’t profit from recommending energy efficient improvements for your home. We use our deep roots in the building field to find help for you. Here’s how: We email results of our independent energy audits to a list of preferred and highly qualified home performance contractors that pride themselves on customer satisfaction. Then, you will receive competitive bids from all of them. We’re happy to send reports to any contractors of your choosing as well. That kind of teamwork helps home and business owners all over Texas make their buildings a lot more comfortable and much more energy efficient. We are proud to serve Austin and San Antonio.